Resourceful and knowledgeable

I found Julia Katsivo very resourceful and knowledgeable about how to find your target market for business owners. I also found that this coaching opened up parts of me that I need to pay serious attention to in order to live a happy and productive life.


Dr Celeste London, N.M.D
Founder/CEO Diabetes 2 Nutrition

Celeste London Natural Food Healing Expert | Metabolic Balance Coach August 21, 2016

Interactive and Inspiring

Love Julia's style of speaking. Very interactive and inspiring. She relates everything back to our lives - our thinking! Very inspiring workshop, walked away feeling empowered and inspired. She included the audience and made her presentation very interactive

Joanna Sedkowski Toronto ON August 21, 2016

A life changing experience

My expectations were exceeded! I love the quote, "I choose to grow." I'll say this from now on! I loved the eye contact and engaging others in discussion - Very informative and eye opening. Julia challenges you to reset your mind. Certainly a life changing experience.

Vicki Nicholls London ON August 21, 2016

Amazing presentation

Absolutely loved the workshop. Amazing presentation. Especially loved the discussion aspect that really drew in the audience.

This conference was a life-changing experience for me. I'll never be the same. It was worth the drive from London, ON.

Demis Odanga London ON August 21, 2016

Amazing ability

Julia Katsivo has the amazing ability to stand, deliver and engage with an audience allowing them to think and apply the knowledge she is sharing.

Jim Pagiamtzis Founder of 21 Connections Toronto ON August 21, 2016


Julia Katsivo is a phenomenal woman. She takes you to the position that you want to be in but have trouble getting to.

Joan John Founder, The Junctian Network Brampton ON August 21, 2016

Eye opening

"Julia is a gifted speaker who captivates the audience. She helps you see the possible." - David Donahue, New Insights Professional Services, Founder and President

"Julia helped me identify my real dream job" - Terry Bustin, Business Analyst

"Julia presented a different way of thinking - don't limit your opportunities." Xu Wong

"Excellent, relevant, well delivered." Nicolas Kassatly

"Inspiring and very talented speaker. Very heartfelt. I achieved so much from the session." Manminder Kaur

"Julia teaches you to think outside the box" Michelle Junes Cunningham

"Eye opening experience" Marla Moran

"Julia shares valuable lessons" Muna Sayid

"Great insight, very motivating" Vishal Khat

"Genius! Amazing speaker that understands the audience and relates to them" Anne-Lynn Hanna

"Very Passionate & Enthusiastic"

"I'd recommend Julia's workshop to others because many people struggle alone. The workshop helps one acknowledge the situation and then work your way up." Samia Ahmad, Student

Canada Job Expo Workshop attendees North York, ON August 21, 2016

Makes you think

"Julia taught me to prepare and how to prepare for success. She used great examples and audience participation." David Lozowsky

"I'd recommend this workshop because it makes you think. It makes you evaluate who you are."

HAPPEN Professional Career Network Mississauga, ON August 21, 2016

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