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7 Weeks to Freedom © Online Coaching

For the entrepreneur 0 to 3 years in business, this 7-week online program is perfect for setting you up for success. From Vision to Sales conversations. Define your vision and craft your signature story - why you do this amazing work and what sets you apart. Learn what to focus on for your marketing activities and how to sell.
An online diary lets you answer the reflective questions and make notes. Progress tracking lets you pick up right where you left off. The mobile-friendly online program gives you the flexibility to work at your own pace. The 7-week deadline allows a practical timeline to align goals and activities.
If you find yourself in any of these situations: 
  • You love the idea of "monetizing your passion" but when it comes to making money you're stuck
  • You're clear about your services and how you can transform lives but you have no idea how to find your clients
Prepare to feel relieved, supported, and with a clear actionable plan for your future.