Let's be honest. Money isn't high on your values list - it isn't why you left your job to start a business. Until you wake up at 3 AM, in a sweat, because you can't pay your bills.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • You're super excited about your business but you don't know how to get yourself out there
  • You love the idea of "monetizing your passion" but when it comes to making money you're stuck
  • You're clear about your services and how you can transform lives but you have no idea how to find your clients
  • You want to leave your full-time job to start your own fulfilling business but you don't know what you'll do

If you checked off at least one of these scenarios, first know that this is common and to be expected. 

Most entrepreneurs who start off face these very challenges at the beginning. It can make you feel alone. You may doubt your decision to leave your comfy but soul-sucking job for fulfilling work. You'll panic at the amounts of money that leave your account and don't get replaced.

I'm Julia Katsivo, and I help new entrepreneurs who struggle with finding clients.

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