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"A fresh approach to focusing on other ways to make income" "Good content"
"I enjoyed Julia's presentation. It was a thought provoking discussion that made me think differently about my next move." "Though provoking!" "High energy!" "Great presentation. Provokes thinking that needs to happen." "Thought provoking presentation"

I love public speaking. It feels like flying. When I'm on a stage or in front of an audience I'm in my happy place.
I do the internal work and I clear my mind beforehand so that I can be present for the moment. And once I step on that stage, nothing else matters more to me than to be as clear an effective instrument as possible. I owe it to you, the event planners and decision makers who put me on the stage in front of your people and I owe it to my listeners.
My audience is waiting for me. To tell them what they need to hear to move forward. To help them overcome their obstacles and to be excited about their dreams, careers, and lives.
They want innovative solutions and dynamic presentations. Most of the time they are savvy and have done most of the hard work themselves. They need the hardcore motivation and mindset changing information I'm famous for. Their goals, plans, and dreams rely on me to bring it home. 
Delivering messages is what I do best: written, oral, taught, and performed. 
My speaking abilities give me the avenues to express myself and my mission on earth; which is to inspire more people to be courageous in pursuing their dreams and passions and making incredible careers out of them.
I do this by getting real about what holds them back, what keeps them comfortable, and what will move them forward. 
I am all for the dreamers, inventors, innovators, and the people, businesses, and events that support them. 
That's why I speak at personal development and small business conferences. I show up on the stages of professional networking groups and employee appreciation days. I open and close galas and trade events. I also speak at small closed door events for senior management and corporate employees. I'm especially useful for environments undergoing massive change.
If you're looking for an enthusiastic and passionate speaker for your event who will not only connect with your audience but inspire them to take the necessary steps to move forward, I'm the person you need.

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"Julia Katsivo is an amazing professional speaker and has a real passion to help others achieve their full potential. I have personally seen the value her coaching programs have made in the lives of her students." - Mark Bhuj (LION), CSP

"Julia is a talented speaker and workshop provider. I had a privilege of attending her workshop on public speaking during the Fall 2015 District 86 Toastmasters conference. It was an extremely enjoyable experience of being trained by Julia. I certainly recommend Julia to any audiences interested in skills development, motivation, public speaking, etc. Expect knowledge, energy, and fun while working with Julia." - Vitaliy Fursov, Project Management Professional, Public Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, Coach

"Julia Katsivo is a motivational powerhouse. As a collaborator, Julia and I spearheaded the Personal & Professional Pursuit of Excellence 2015 Symposium. As we continue to work on our 2016 event, I appreciate the value she brings to industry informed practices and event coordination. As a seasoned presenter she provides targeted audience specific content. I would recommend Julia as a presenter for events requiring subject matter on career management, motivational speaking and leadership. As an event coordinator, she's a valuable asset in branding, marketing and project implementation. I wish her the best of luck in her future ventures." - Yoshi Perera, Community Health Educator | Project Coordinator | Public Relations Lead

"I was fortunate to hear Julia speak at a recent event organized by the Public Speakers Association. Julia has incredible story telling abilities which she used very effectively in her most recent talk. She took me on a roller coaster journey of emotions and inspiration with a strong call to action where I was able to apply a simple, yet positive change, in my own life. I highly recommend Julia as a Professional Speaker." - Ven Virah - Operations Manager - GE Canada and GE Oil & Gas US

"This woman is a powerhouse! By that, I mean she commands your attention with her super positive energy and makes you feel completely comfortable in every situation. She is real, ready to share her stories, and most of all inspire an audience and coach groups of people to go further than they ever thought possible. I have seen Julia speak several times in the GTA, as well as facilitate Toastmasters meetings and special events. Julia is a rising star, if you get a chance to hear her or hire her, then do it soon, she is fast becoming sought after on a grand scale as a natural result to the commitment and passion for what she does and how she inspires large groups of people." - Karen Hogg, I assist nonprofits & small business grow through Social & Economic ROI (Return on Investment)