Super Focused Group

  If you're here:

✅   You need help getting mentally clear and organized

✅   Your goals are more altruistic than they are business like 

✅  You've tried different courses and gone through a coach or two or three... they all led you to a deeper awareness of what you need to get done

✅   With all the courses and coaches you still lack focus. You need accountability 

   You don't need more courses or coaches right now, you need:

✅   A safe space to think through the noise

✅   To feel supported by other like-minded people who will serve as amazing sounding boards.

✅   A business coach to jump in on group calls to help you take care of the sticky parts

 We'd like you to join us for 7 weeks as a part of Julia Katsivo's Super Focused Group.

It's an online mastermind designed with you in mind. You'll have 24-7 access to sounding boards, idea, support and accountability partners.

Talk about a great place to start creating your dream life.


Next group starts Monday, August 28, 2017

Ready to get serious and get some help?

Hear from REAL people

When going through the program, 7 Weeks to Freedom Coaching Program™, I learned so much about identifying my target market and moving through my comfort zone.  Julia has really helped to open my eyes and my mind to the possibilities that are available to me. She is very professional and makes herself available to assist you in any way that is specific to your personal needs. I felt that it was time and money well spent.

Roxane Heslop Mom on a Mission Inspiring Health, July 26, 2017

Julia is not only inspirational, she also excels at motivation. She helped me to believe in "me", and her advice and encouragement enabled me to feel comfortable while making videos for my website.  Also, as a result of her advice, I have done several Facebook Live events, and in addition to continuing those events, I have also decided to do podcasts. Had I not had the benefit of Julia's coaching I'd still be "stuck".  Thank you Julia for masterful coaching!

Diane Achatz Transformational Health Coach, May 25, 2017

Working with Julia has been fantastic, she is a master at her craft. She makes you think differently about what is possible, and helps you align with what your are meant to do. The thing I enjoyed most about working with Julia is how she kept me accountable. Because of Julia, I delivered my first webinar. I am also working on building a course to deliver lessons learned from my experience as a IT Manager, leader and coach. I've very excited for my future, thank you Julia for your guidance and coaching.

Doing the Speech

John Ribeiro Team Building Success Coach Brampton, ON January 19, 2017

Julia created a lot of clarity in my business offering. I was so surprised to notice that my business offer was so general in description before the workshop. Julia worked throughout the workshop one-to-one to bring clarity into my offering. Also I learned the way I perceived Money in my life and my expectations of Money from business. All in all, it was highly valuable for me and my business. Highly recommended.

Himanshu Sharma
Certified Life Coach

Himanshu Sharma Arthritis Wellness Coach Brampton, ON August 30, 2016

I found Julia Katsivo very resourceful and knowledgeable about how to find your target market for business owners. I also found that this coaching opened up parts of me that I need to pay serious attention to in order to live a happy and productive life.


Dr Celeste London, N.M.D
Founder/CEO Diabetes 2 Nutrition

Celeste London Natural Food Healing Expert | Metabolic Balance Coach August 21, 2016