7 Weeks to Freedom Coaching Program™

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"I'm tired of spinning around."

Not knowing how to make your business work for you can be overwhelming and frustrating.

If left untreated, it can lead to a loss of self-esteem, self-confidence, and joy.

 Get the online coaching program designed to save you time and make you money.

7 Weeks to Freedom Coaching Program™

Finally, a simple plan to follow that will help you get started and well on your way with your Coaching, Speaking, Direct Marketing and/or Consulting business.

How this works

Log into your account and follow the Modules step by step

By the end of the 7 Weeks to Freedom Coaching Program™, you'll be focused and with a clear plan to follow to make the money and impact you dream of.

Here's what you can expect

7 Modules, 7 Weeks,

Module 1: Vision Get clear on what you want and clear the blocks that stand in the way of a successful start. You will work on extensive thought-provoking questions and mindset shifting exercises Module 2: Branding Learn about and create an authentic brand. Learn about and decide on the problem that you’re solving, target market and ideal client. Learn about and create your signature message Module 3: Business Plan/Structure Learn about and create the business plan for your new business.  Module 4: Business Model Learn about and create your business model, your products/services offerings and pricing structures Module 5: Offerings/Sales funnels Learn about and create your sales funnel Module 6: Marketing Calendar Learn about and create your marketing activities calendar Module 7: Sales/Collections Learn about and get comfortable with sales conversations, collection practices, and working the activities calendar

Start with your branding and end up with your sales conversations

With detailed information and guided exercises, I help you figure out the parts that make you uneasy (selling, selling, selling) and you'll feel supported along the way because I take the technical business language and principles and I reshape them in a way that you can understand and most importantly, implement.

Here's the thing. You can either try out various things until you (1) run out of money (2) give up on the money making part of the dream (3) believe less of yourself 


You can create a plan and see it through for the kind of results that you want. Work a couple of hours a day or week on the important and sometimes misunderstood aspects of your business and you will free up more time for you to play with the parts that you love. When you know what you're doing when you wake up then it frees you up to relax in your other plans. 

I want you profitable in what you do so that you can keep doing it. 

What do others say?

I found Julia Katsivo very resourceful and knowledgeable about how to find your target market for business owners. I also found that this coaching opened up parts of me that I need to pay serious attention to in order to live a happy and productive life.


Dr Celeste London, N.M.D
Founder/CEO Diabetes 2 Nutrition

Celeste London Natural Food Healing Expert | Metabolic Balance Coach August 21, 2016

Julia created a lot of clarity in my business offering. I was so surprised to notice that my business offer was so general in description before the workshop. Julia worked throughout the workshop one-to-one to bring clarity into my offering. Also I learned the way I perceived Money in my life and my expectations of Money from business. All in all, it was highly valuable for me and my business. Highly recommended.

Himanshu Sharma
Certified Life Coach

Himanshu Sharma Arthritis Wellness Coach Brampton, ON August 30, 2016

Working with Julia has been fantastic, she is a master at her craft. She makes you think differently about what is possible, and helps you align with what your are meant to do. The thing I enjoyed most about working with Julia is how she kept me accountable. Because of Julia, I delivered my first webinar. I am also working on building a course to deliver lessons learned from my experience as a IT Manager, leader and coach. I've very excited for my future, thank you Julia for your guidance and coaching.


Doing the Speech

John Ribeiro Team Building Success Coach Brampton, ON January 19, 2017

Julia is not only inspirational, she also excels at motivation. She helped me to believe in "me", and her advice and encouragement enabled me to feel comfortable while making videos for my website.  Also, as a result of her advice, I have done several Facebook Live events, and in addition to continuing those events, I have also decided to do podcasts. Had I not had the benefit of Julia's coaching I'd still be "stuck".  Thank you Julia for masterful coaching!

Diane Achatz Transformational Health Coach, http://www.RenewedVitalityCoaching.com May 25, 2017

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Want a preview? Here’s a Sample –> Intro to Branding

Branding 2.1 Authenticity

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Many people spin their wheels trying to serve everybody and doing everything to gain traction and make sales. It's an experience that can lead to burnout, loss of cash, and worse, quitting. This section is important because it helps you determine your focus: who you are and what you want so that you can make plans around that.

Your information will change as you grow and that is to be expected. It is however important to start with a focus, a plan, and activities, so that you can begin to know what works and what doesn't, what is for you and what isn't. Without focus, a plan, and action, you will waste time, resources, and money trying to be everything to everyone.

The first place we'll start is Authenticity.

Many people have a problem selling or talking about their business because it doesn't feel good to them to do so. They don't want to be pushy or to spam their family, friends, and social networks. They don't want to be rejected or avoided. Who wants to be that guy or gal? No one.

The best way to avoid all the uncomfortable feelings around what you'll have to do to start and sustain a successful business (Yes, sales is necessary and don't worry, we'll get deep into it in Module 5 and 7) is to get clear on who you are, what you're doing, to whom, why, and how. Once you align these elements with your spirit, it becomes easier to perform the tasks you'd rather not.

Elements of an authentic brand:

You may be working under an umbrella (direct marketing or independent representatives are examples) but how you show up is entirely up to you. An authentic brand includes:

  • A strong unique voice aka your perception which is unique to others. The way you look at a potential client is different from a rep in your same field looking at the same potential client. You are different because you have many things that shaped you and your point of view from genes, upbringing, environment, schooling, attitudes etc. For example; always using a sassy tone, short clipped words, exaggerated descriptions, humour or metaphoric language, whatever is natural for you. If you read, speak, or listen to me, you'll notice that I'm direct and motivational. Sometimes people are afraid of what others will think of them but the truth is that those who lean into themselves and just allow themselves to be will become more happier with their success because they are being real and not fitting into an acceptable mould. Plus, you'll get to a point where you don't care anymore whether you are deemed acceptable or not.
  • A strong stance or opinion. The reason you do what you do will differ from someone else doing the exact same thing because of your WHY. When you are unafraid to state your opinion around what you believe in what you do, you stand out. You attract those who resonate with you and you let the others know exactly what is different about you. For example; a skin care specialist who believes that great skin results in great jobs, loves, and friends is different from one doing the same job who believes that great skin leads to less stress and money spent on solutions. Those who resonate with the different opinions will divide themselves as such and happily pay for the rep s/he prefers.
  • A strong communication outlet or marketing tool. There is something that you do effortlessly or with a lot of fun and that will be the thing that works for you. For some people it's public speaking and for others it's hosting a small gathering. Some prefer to write and others to knock on doors. When you use what comes naturally to you, you create or build a brand. For example; a realtor who gifts new clients with home baked treats or crafts, or a car sales person who conducts weekly live streaming sessions educating people on aspects on cars.

These elements can be summed up as Instrument, Voice, Channel. You basically show up as an instrument to deliver in your voice and through the best possible outlet/s what will make others' lives better.

As you can probably already see, you won't be able to serve everyone but you will be able to serve the ones you're perfectly aligned to help. By choosing to be exactly who you are and working to become clear on those qualities so that you are authentic, free, and clear, you end up working with the people who will give you the feeling you desire from your business.

Take a moment and think about the type of tone you use to speak or write. Look over past work or ask friends, family and colleagues how they perceive you. Write down what they say. These descriptions are important because they add to your brand.

Write down your thoughts about what you believe when it comes to the work you do or want to do. Why is it so important to you and others? Dig deep and come up with words that aren't cliche, over-used, jargon, or vague. As an example; I believe that if people do exactly what they are created to do then their lives will be more fulfilled, happier, and they will become successful. It doesn't matter how hard the road is; by choosing to completely be oneself, I believe that only great things can be expected. And that is why the work that I do is so important to me. I want more people doing work that they love and are in alignment with. Even more people get helped, relationships, families and society benefits as a whole.  And I get to practice what I preach by doing exactly what I was created to do. Now it's your turn - what do you believe?

Write down your thoughts about what you do so well. What are your passions, abilities, and gifts? Remember that you will probably dismiss them or think that everyone can do what you do so well because well, it comes naturally to you. In reality, not everyone can do everything so dismiss that assumption. Whatever it is that you love to do and doesn't feel like work to you or that you've learned to do well, write it down. It will help you create an authentic brand and stand out. Include past experience. Your background or specialized knowledge is what is probably going to get you through the door so don't dismiss a thing.

[This is a sample from Module 2: Branding]