Focus Program (Beginner)

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I remember the moment I decided to go ahead and start a business. It was confusing.

You see, I knew that I wasn't meant to work a day job forever and even though I knew what skills and experience I possessed, I wasn't sold on the vision. I had none.

So I started to read all the business magazines and newspapers, and I listened to every podcast, interview, audio book, and watched every video, business related show, and lifestyle channel I could.

It was a great first step to changing the way I looked at the world; primarily as a consumer and also as a worker. Even as someone in charge of projects, I was always answerable to someone, and sometimes, removed from the decision making process. I needed to change the way I viewed work. It wasn't a vertical line. It was horizontal and that's the way I wanted to see it - as all people being equal and valuable. Now what was I going to do?

All the information I consumed and people that I talked to had one great thing going for them – they were born entrepreneurs.

 They made money in their sleep. Their relationship with money was GREAT. Not me. I was born artist. I created projects in my sleep. My relationship with money was sketchy - I didn't trust it or understand it. It didn't motivate me. But I still wanted to run my own business. Because I knew that it would be the best way for me to express myself and live a life of purpose. That was my primary motivation for branching out. I still didn't know what I was going to do. You see, I didn't want to do work that I was great at but didn't feel passionate about. I wanted to work where what I did was a very real extension of who I was.

So you see, I get people like you.

You're hard-working, self-motivated, and purpose-driven. You're also a hot mess when you don't know what to do. You stand still and don't make a move. You wait for further instructions. A whisper. Maybe a sign. A clear path. You won't just move just because the pressure is on you or you feel afraid. You'll wait. You want to make the right move.

But as I know, there comes a time when Wise Waiting turns into Wasting & Whiling.

You spend your time researching and thinking about what you want to do, talking to people who can't relate or are stuck in their own situations, and you don't make a move. You use rationale and logic to keep you waiting. You look at your future and decide you need more time, education, money, guts - that last word is me. You need more guts. Because as you already know, life doesn't happen according to a plan.

It just happens.

And by not making a move to find out what really makes your heart sing, you lose an opportunity to express yourself and share with others (especially you) what you have to offer. You miss out on a chance to really live, to feel alive and motivated, purposeful and fulfilled. You spend the rest of your life watching by the sidelines in frustration, and sometimes anger, as others put themselves out there and live.

I want to paint you a picture.

A group of you and your friends go out for a day of fun by the lake, sea, or swimming pool.Someone decides it's a good idea for all of you to jump into the water. It's cold but that's the thrill, right?Before you know it, your friends are running to the edge. Everyone is nervous, excited, and afraid.Is it going to happen? Are you all really going to jump in? Who'll be first? Who'll be last? No one wants to go first. And no one wants to be left behind. You already feel cold just by thinking about hitting that cold blue surface cooly gazing at you.And then it happens. Splash! Someone's jumped! And then again, Splash! And again, Splash! Splash! Splash!Soon, it's just you. You're still on the edge.Your friends are in the water, shrieking as they come up for air. The cold water touches you as they fling their arms in the air and throw water at each other.You're still on the edge. You can see that they're in. You can see that they're alive and well and in fact, having fun. But you still don't jump.In fact, as you stand there at the edge for a while longer, you find that the urge to join your friends in the frigid cold water becomes less. So you sit out by the side, talking to those who sometimes wander over to you looking for more sunscreen or a sip of water, and you convince yourself that you are doing just fine.Deep down you know. You missed out. And why?

Because you were too afraid to jump.

Does this sound like your life? What about your career?
If so, first know that you're not alone and that there is a solution.

12 solid weeks of a step-by-step plan and I will teach you:

✔ How to create a powerful vision

✔ How to select your type of business

✔ How to choose your business model

✔ How to create your services/product packages and pricing structures

✔ How to create your sales funnels

✔ How to niche brand

✔ How to create your marketing calendar

✔ How to create your calendar of activities so that you know what you're doing each day

✔ You'll have access to invaluable resources to support your journey

The Focus Program is perfect for beginners because of the amount of step-by-step knowledge you will acquire and put into effect so that:

✔ you walk out with a small business
✔ you will have a structure to the business
✔ you will have a path to make money
✔ you will have a calendar that will help you plan your activities so that you know where everything fits
✔ you will have channels to go through so that you can convert interested people into paying clients
✔ you will have a clear brand and niche;AND,
✔ You will also receive other resources to assist you along the way.

Now, what's the investment for a structure, a plan and clear directions to your new business and life? There are two ways you can go about this:

✔12 Weeks of content PLUS 12 weekly one-on-one coaching calls for a one time payment USD$2500 or 3 equal payments of USD$833. Not only do you get the material to work on throughout the week, but you also receive the super focused call that will help keep you on track, motivated, and resolve any mindset issues. If you're on the go and you need to know how to maximize your moves, this package is ideal for you.


Ok! Let's do it; what's the next step?

The Coaching Program isn't for everyone. Let's book at time to talk so that we can make sure that this is what you need at this time.