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Every year I work with a select number of clients who are:
  • Self-motivated and driven
  • Dreamers, innovators, and inventors with a view of a better future from the work they do
  • Passionate about wanting to become excellent and lucrative coaches, speakers, healers, direct marketers and service providers. 
  • Always on the move
They need direction to navigate their new beginnings and they don’t want to waste money, time, opportunities or even give in to the possibility of despair when things don’t work out. They are smart enough to know that their dreams will not come true without help. Their confidence is not yet at peak performance and they need a steady and knowledgable guide to help them navigate new grounds.
I am passionate about working with both women and men who want to leave their corporate jobs behind to create a successful career pursuing what they believe in. I also enjoy delving deep with established business people who want to take their businesses to the next level. I thrive in the challenge of creating a new world and bridging a safe transport from the old and into the new. 
My work covers mindsets, designing functional calendars that focus on the key activities needed to become successful, getting clear on niche and offerings, and creating sustainable sales and marketing plans. 
My virtual Private Coaching Programs are intensive and perfect for the person who needs a plan, accountability partner, and solid support while living and working in different time zones and under diverse time constraints which include family obligations and full time employment. I know you desire to be of great service until you transition into your business and I won't let you perform any other way. 
My Live Workshops and Intensives are in-depth and focused on the person who wants to get rid of bad habits and build success habits while creating systems that will sustain a career transition and growth. They are perfect for both my existing clients and those who need more focused attention on specific habits that affect their businesses and lives.

To help serve your needs completely, I've created powerful Coaching Programs for every level. The first is 7 Weeks to Freedom Coaching Program™ which is a condensed online Coaching Program for the DIY and beginners. It's great for those who know that they want to teach, coach, and sell products and services, but don't know how to package and price them, or where to begin with the whole process.

For those who want a more hands on approach, Idea to I Did It! The 12 Week Coaching Experience™ expands on the online modules and includes coaching time. 

My more seasoned entrepreneurs favour the Accelerated Results in Record Time (ARRT) Coaching Program ™ a virtual one-on-one Coaching Program  focused on revenue generating activities.

Click on the image below to sign up for the virtual 7 Weeks to Freedom Coaching Program ™. For the one on  one programs,  let's book a time to talk so that we can make sure that this is what you need at this time.

Read what past clients have to say

I found Julia Katsivo very resourceful and knowledgeable about how to find your target market for business owners. I also found that this coaching opened up parts of me that I need to pay serious attention to in order to live a happy and productive life.


Dr Celeste London, N.M.D
Founder/CEO Diabetes 2 Nutrition

Celeste London Natural Food Healing Expert | Metabolic Balance Coach

Julia created a lot of clarity in my business offering. I was so surprised to notice that my business offer was so general in description before the workshop. Julia worked throughout the workshop one-to-one to bring clarity into my offering. Also I learned the way I perceived Money in my life and my expectations of Money from business. All in all, it was highly valuable for me and my business. Highly recommended.

Himanshu Sharma
Certified Life Coach

Himanshu Sharma Arthritis Wellness Coach

Working with Julia has been fantastic, she is a master at her craft. She makes you think differently about what is possible, and helps you align with what your are meant to do. The thing I enjoyed most about working with Julia is how she kept me accountable. Because of Julia, I delivered my first webinar. I am also working on building a course to deliver lessons learned from my experience as a IT Manager, leader and coach. I've very excited for my future, thank you Julia for your guidance and coaching.

Doing the Speech

John Ribeiro Team Building Success Coach

Julia is not only inspirational, she also excels at motivation. She helped me to believe in "me", and her advice and encouragement enabled me to feel comfortable while making videos for my website.  Also, as a result of her advice, I have done several Facebook Live events, and in addition to continuing those events, I have also decided to do podcasts. Had I not had the benefit of Julia's coaching I'd still be "stuck".  Thank you Julia for masterful coaching!

Diane Achatz Transformational Health Coach,

This is what your peers say about my live workshops

My expectations were exceeded! I love the quote, "I choose to grow." I'll say this from now on! I loved the eye contact and engaging others in discussion - Very informative and eye opening. Julia challenges you to reset your mind. Certainly a life changing experience.

Vicki Nicholls

"Julia taught me to prepare and how to prepare for success. She used great examples and audience participation." David Lozowsky

"I'd recommend this workshop because it makes you think. It makes you evaluate who you are."

HAPPEN Professional Career Network

"My key take away from this session is to focus on what I love. I would recommend this workshop to others for sure. I just wish there was more time."

"This workshop is inspiring, it is about planting seeds. It teaches you to be your own CEO, find your vision and what you love."

"We hold ourselves back with our limiting thoughts and beliefs. Julia was very inspiring and thought provoking. She motivated me to move past those limiting thoughts and to embrace my dreams and not be afraid."

"I would recommend this workshop because many of the people here seemed to change their outlook."

"Fantastic! I loved your energy!"

"Inspirational. This is an absolute recommend. This workshop covered many areas. It was informative and I feel my confidence level went up."

Caledon Community Services Workshop attendees

"Julia's workshop taught me to go back to the situations where I felt uncomfortable in an effort to master them. I love her warmth, sincerity and enthusiasm." Nancy Chern

"I learned the three steps; ground, get within, and get to work. Helpful information, great advice and very energetic. Great handouts!" Amaparo Cifuentes

"I learned to address my fears; to name them. Julia's personal story, her knowledge and success is the reason I'd recommend the workshop."

"Great tips for releasing negative energy. Great confidence by Julia Katsivo."
"Julia's personal stories made her very credible."

"Julia taught me to acknowledge my anxieties with helpful suggestions. Very informative session."

"I loved how you explain how to ground oneself. Very personal and sincere presentation." Janice McDonald

"I struggle a lot with nervous energy. Very helpful information. Great tips to help calm the nervous energy." Justine Dresser

"Excellent workshop, well done. Julia is strong and enthusiastic, definitely recommend this workshop." Teresa Cardan

Toastmasters D86 Fall 2015 Conference Workshop attendees

"Julia helped me identify my real dream job" - Terry Bustin, Business Analyst