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About Julia Katsivo: I worked for 10 years in PR, market research, sales, marketing, and collections in several Fortune 500 companies, as well as with small businesses for seven years with the Canada Revenue Agency. Toward the end of my time with the Federal government, I decided that my liberal Arts education, 20 years of skills, expertise, and enthusiasm were better put to use pursuing my passions.

This discovery came about after a series of devastating breakdowns in my personal relationships, health, and finances which forced me to stop and consider the way that I was living my life.

You see, I'd previously ignored the growing sensation of feeling stuck in my career or the effects of this dissatisfaction on all the other parts of my life. I was miserable, my health was failing, my relationships were weak and most of them unhealthy, I indulged too much in weeknight and weekend vices, and I stopped doing all the important things that made my heart sing. I was so frustrated.

My frustration was heightened because I'm naturally driven and love to dive into my work and do a good job. Internally, I didn't feel successful or fulfilled with my life.

I wanted so much more but I wasn't even sure I knew what that meant. I didn't know how to move forward and I felt myself slip farther back as time went on.

At the end of 2010, a solo moment of spiritual transformation gave me a second chance.  In the space of a moment, my eyes were opened up to the fact that in trying to make my dreams come true over 20 years, I'd never once asked for help or learned the proper way to do things.

And because I'd failed so many times, in my mind,  I'd given up on myself. Worse and more personally impacting, my underlying belief was that God had given up on me. I felt stuck.

Once I gained this important insight into my underlying belief system, everything changed. Major shifts happened with my spirituality, my relationships to self and others, my finances, and my career.

I went back to what I was passionate about and used them as my ticket out of an old life and into a new one. I got in touch with all of them the way you would a long lost friend you grew up with and knows you so well. I'll tell you more on that in a second.

My mission is to live a life on my own terms and for the good of others. I made a commitment to earn my living changing lives and to enrich my own by indulging in my gifts and passions.

And what are they? Teaching and training are some of these passions. Helping people get better, stronger, and faster. Reading and writing. Public speaking and singing. Earning passive income, traveling, cooking, and spending time with others and myself. Nature, theatre, art. That's more my kind of life.

I began a transition journey that took 4 years from start to job resignation without the aid of a coach. Heavily investing in my coaches and growth came much later on.

Along the way, I keenly understood why so many people start and not complete their journeys or simply give up without even trying. That had been my story all my life. Not being clear about the vision was number 1. Not asking for help was number 2. Not doing the work was number 3.

As I dropped the bad habits, the useless relationships, did the inner work and began my new career, I also experienced just how hard it is to move from comfort to new growth when you feel that you have a lot to lose.

I fought the fear of judgement all the way even as other things came up for me, as they will surely do when you're going through major transformation, such as the questions of security, identity, worthiness, and credibility. But I was determined to move forward and see some of my wild dreams come true.

Because of my past experiences, I've made it my goal to save you a lot of time and money from what I've learned and helped others do across time zones with my coaching business.

Just like me, you too have a bigger game to play on this earth and I want you to embrace your courageous dreams to live a purposeful life.

I do this by helping you focus on the what you need to do to achieve your goals, make more money, or get over yourself. Let's face it, that's the first thing we all need to do.

Since my transition at the end of 2010 and more so after I resigned from my comfortable job in 2014, I have helped structure business models, income streams, lifestyle balance, and transition paths for clients in Canada, the US, and parts of Africa.

I'm also an active member of several international organizations in which I hold leadership positions and an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council. My articles can be read on Forbes.com under Leadership, amongst other noted publications.

Now, why me for you. Unlike most business coaches and mentors, I'm very much a hand holder and I'll walk you through the sales, and marketing essentials you'll need to start your transition or business as well as the necessary mindset work that needs to take place to make sure that you're successful. Long before and after you're my client, I'll still look out for you because I want you to succeed. I do this with endless information, motivation, tools, and resources on my various outlets. I'm also known to give my clients free tickets to qualified professionals who will help them further in achieving their goals. Not only this, but I am generous in my introductions to those I believe would benefit from associating with my clients. I'm primarily a giver and this is seen in my interactions with those I serve.

If you're ready to do the work and are looking for results within 3 months, I'm your person. I'm also your cheerleader and when it comes to pursuing your dreams, your best friend.

I'm the one who will fight for you to accomplish what you want to see in real time and with big results for you and those you serve.

So if this it for you, the do or die moment for your dreams, and you are ready to roll up your sleeves to make them come true, then I'm glad that you're here, and not only am I rooting for you; I will help you create a career that you're genuinely passionate about. My promise to you is clear and defined focus on exactly what you need to do to move forward and accomplish your goals. Is this something that you could use today?

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