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About Julia

Hi, I'm Julia Katsivo. I help service providers find clients through online coaching programs and live training. I've helped real estate and insurance agents, mortgage brokers, speakers, coaches, and therapists. They've become crystal clear in what makes them different. Also, how to find their clients using social media and workshops.

My favourite people are new entrepreneurs, 0 to 3 years in business. But I also have solutions for the seasoned who want to grow their client base.

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About Julia Katsivo


Himanshu Sharma

Julia created a lot of clarity in my business offering. I was so surprised to notice that my business offer was so general in description before the workshop. Julia worked throughout the workshop one-to-one to bring clarity into my offering. Also I learned the way I perceived Money in my life and my expectations of Money from business. All in all, it was highly valuable for me and my business. Highly recommended.

Himanshu Sharma - Aug 30, 2016
Certified Life Coach
Arthritis Wellness Coach

Before attending Julia’s Master Clarity & Confidence seminar I struggled to define who my target market was for my business. I thought they were both professionals and entrepreneurs. I was trying to talk to everyone one but no one was listening. I had been attending events and delivering talks where my target market was not and therefore not gaining new clients.

When I attended the seminar I realised that my target market were professionals in corporate jobs. I also discovered my why was wrong. I wanted to help professionals as I knew what it was like to be passed over for promotions and didn’t know why. I overcame this and realised that was how I could help others who are trying to get a promotion. Now I know to attend events exactly where my target audience will be. I focus on social media that they are likely to be on and use the language that speaks directly to them. 

Charmaine Bryan

Charmaine Bryan

I help professionals who want to advance in their careers by upgrading their appearance, visibility and creditability.

Charmaine Bryan - Oct 11, 2018
Image Consultant
Image Consultant
Charmaine Bryan
Devonia DeBeck

I had the pleasure of taking a Master Clarity class with Julia. I was impressed with all the ah-ha moments I had as she walked us through a business planning process that was easy to execute. I had done plans before but Julia's approach left me with more clarity on my target client and vision for my business. I realized that I was chasing a lot of strategies that was not serving me and Julia helped me see this. I would definitely recommend spending time with Julia to give you a shift in your business, even if you have been in business for a while. I look forward to working with Julia further to see what else she can uncover for my business.

Devonia DeBeck

Working with Busy Professionals to Create a Beautiful Home to Reflect Their Success. Buy, Sell or Renovate & Decorate.

Devonia DeBeck - Oct 16, 2018
Principal Home Stager & Accredited Interior Decorator
Debeck Interiors